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Classroom3D Direct

The source for cutting-edge 3D information for classrooms. Bring the world to your students.

Imagine a classroom where the world's most advanced learning is delivered to you every week, hours after it was completed. Free. This is instant access 3D, virtual learning programs based on the most important topics of the week that you can share with your students.

Each week subscribers receive a program via email, providing your classroom with the latest, timely programs from SUNRISE. This is not just a newsletter, but a new way of delivering instructional content through 3D technology.


For example:

On September 12, 2013 the spacecraft Voyager becomes the first human object to leave the Solar System. How do you teach your students? Click Here for Hint.

In the Summer of 2014 Freedom Tower opens in New York City, replacing the World Trade Center destroyed on September 11 2001. How do you teach your students? Click Here for Hint.

On July 4, 2012, the elusive Higgs Particle is discovered, potentially changing the way we look at the Universe. How do you teach your students?  Click Here for Hint.


Classroom 3D Direct delivers weekly programs straight to your email inbox. It also includes lesson plans to help you easily integrate 3D into your class, videos, ideas, and relevant, topical links. Open your email. Then one click takes your students into the virtual world.

  • Help your students visualize, and understand a subject

  • Drive student engagement

  • Engage students with the latest news, research, and discoveries to reinforce learning

  • Get the latest tips and strategies for project-based learning and other innovative practices for technology-driven learning.

  • In 3D no topic is off-limit, or too advanced for students. Students “Understand Everything”


Sign up today. The program starts this spring. A re-confirmation email will be sent to you.