SUNRISE Factsheet: Understand Everything


SUNRISE Virtual Reality takes the web into 3D with real-time programs delivered over the internet to supplement existing websites. SUNRISE ( is the world leader in virtual learning providing easily accessed, internet-based programs that feature learning through 3D graphics and personal interaction.  Click. Smile. Explore.  It’s that easy. Anyone can use programs free of charge- SUNRISE helps visitors“Understand Everything.” Welcome to learning on the 3D Internet.


Virtual learning is learning without boundaries. When you click on a SUNRISE link a 3D window opens to an interactive environment where anything is possible; visiting New York, exploring the human cell, flying through the Solar System, or traveling back in time to Ancient Egypt. It combines the power of a computer, the information of a textbook, the imagery of a movie, and the excitement of exploration into a new, unparalleled learning experience.


The patent pending SUNRISE engine is a 3D platform which allows immersive environments to be accessed over the internet enabling millions of users access to 3D learning programs. Through UNITY3D and Adobe Flash, virtual environments are becoming a seamless part of the online experience.  Users access programs through websites- seconds later programs open into a new window. 

Programs are available via the internet (Flash, Unity, Facebook, and Chrome), laptops and computers (PC, Mac, Chromebook), and tablet (Android, IOS).


SUNRISE takes learning seriously.  American children have numerous and well-documented deficiencies in many subject areas, especially science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  The company sees virtual learning as an important part of the national effort to improve education and help students “Understand Everything.” Learning can be more.


SUNRISE was founded by MIT researcher Brett Reid.  An African-American, Mr. Reid saw the potential in virtual reality applications to help underserved Chicago students learn by introducing powerful new tools into the educational process.  Over the next decade, SUNRISE created more virtual learning programs than any other company in the world, primarily used in controlled environments. Today SUNRISE offers everyone the chance to use virtual learning free of charge.


Chicago, Illinois.