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Can a Child Learn Anything?

Virtual Learning takes students into 3D interactive educational environments.


From a Chromebook, tablet, phone, PC, or VR headset, students have a first person, self-guided experience with ideas.


They step inside of the atom to understand its structure. They travel through a volcano to learn how it operates. They become a part of the subject; this is the magic of Virtual Learning.

3D-based Virtual Learning has been proven to increase student engagement, comprehension, and ability to understand complex conceptual ideas.  

This is the learning the videogame generation wants.

Italy Geography 1024.png

How it Works

Click. Smile. Explore.

One click and students are in virtual worlds, incredible 3D learning references across the curriculum.  When a Virtual Learning program is selected it opens into a new screen, just like any other app for speed, familiarity, and simplicity.


Virtual learning programs are available on Android and Chrome devices, making 3D an exciting new part of the everyday learning experience.  No special equipment is needed; students simply use a keyboard and mouse or a touchscreen to navigate through the virtual environment.


Teachers access programs through the Play Store, from emails, links, and PDFs. After one click, and a download from the Play Store, programs open seconds later into virtual environments to become a seamless part of the learning experience.

Learning that reaches today’s students.

•    Increased Student Engagement

•    Increased Student Comprehension

•    Increased complex conceptual learning

•    Preferred by 85% of Students

•    Ease of Use

•    Access Anywhere

•    Proven Effectiveness  

•    New Programs Delivered via Email

Teacher and Students in Science Class

3D Classrooom Direct

SUNRISE brings 3D learning to you.

Imagine a classroom where virtual learning is delivered directly to you every week through email, hours after it was completed.  This is Just in Time education, Virtual Learning based on the most important topics of the week.

What you need to teach students about the latest issues, 3D programs are automatically delivered to your email inbox.  It doesn't get any simpler than that.


Get the App Today.

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