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Virtual Learning

Welcome to Virtual Learning.

Virtual learning is learning without boundaries, a technology that allows you to step into a 3D interactive environment visiting New York, exploring the human cell, flying through the Solar System, or traveling back in time to Ancient Egypt.  

It combines the power of a computer, the information of a textbook, the imagery of a movie, and the excitement of exploration into  a new learning experience.  

SUNRISE programs take everyday learning into the world of experiential learning. They copy the way that people have always learned, by interacting with the world, allowing us to be fully involved in learning.  When we experience something in real-time 3D, it becomes clear. Real. Every attribute, from the grandeur of the the Taj Mahal to a part of a human brain, becomes apparent.  Objects are imbued with pages full of information placed in context for more efficient understanding.  

Virtual learning is exploration. It puts us inside of what we're learning.  It gives us total control as to how we explore ideas, whether they be physical locations such as one of Jupiter's moons, difficult to comprehend phenomena such as the structure of the cell, or even theoretical ideas such as the origins of the universe.

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