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Have you wondered why videogames have such an appeal to your child?

What if the attraction of videogames could be harnessed for learning?

Kids today are different.

Learning always seems to lag far behind the technology curve.  Because of the disconnect between learning and playing, many kids are bored in school.  As the George Lucas Foundation states, kids “grew up in a techno-drenched atmosphere that has trained them to absorb and process information in fundamentally different ways.”


SUNRISE Virtual Learning programs are interactive 3D programs that engage curious kids.


The SUNRISE app is an education app where kids can access a collection of interactive 3D programs that tap into a variety of learning topics.  Kids are able to explore 200+ 3D simulations in 11 subject areas including:


•            Anatomy

•            Arts and Culture

•            Astronomy

•            Geography

•            History

•            Landmarks

•            Natural Features

•            Religion

•            Science

•            Technology

•            Viruses


New programs are added weekly.

Learning that reaches today’s students.

  • Increased Student Engagement

  • Increased Student Comprehension

  • Increased Complex Conceptual Learning

  • Preferred by 85% of Students

  • Ease of Use

  • Access Anywhere

  • Proven Effectiveness 

  • New Programs Delivered Weekly

Give your child the gift of 3D learning.

Clasroom3D Direct

Parents can also sign up for Clasroom3D Direct, where virtual learning is delivered directly to you every week through email, hours after it was completed. This is Just in Time learning, programs based on the most important topics of the week.  A child can learn anything.


3D programs are automatically delivered to your email inbox. It doesn't get any simpler than that.


Sign up below.


Make Suggestions for New Programs

Because 3D Learning is new, SUNRISE invites parents and teachers to request programs.  What do you want your child to understand? 



Privacy Policy

You and your kids' information is not shared.  Period. For the full Privacy Policy, click here.

  • Devices: Android/Chrome

  • Subjects: Anatomy, Arts and Culture, Astronomy, Geography, History, Landmarks, Natural Features, Religion, Science, Technology, Viruses

  • Skills:  Complex Conceptual Learning, Visualization, Spatial Understanding, Imagination 

  • Pricing structure: $49.00/annual

  • Classroom 3D Direct: Free to try

  • Ages: 5-14.  SUNRISE programs are reference programs, not necessarily grade specific.  For example, the components of a human cell don’t change by grade.  The composition of the Sun doesn’t change by grade.  Rather, SUNRISE programs provide a basic understanding of the concept and create a mental model of the idea.

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